I first entered college when I was too young, too naïve, and too arrogant. It was my dad’s money and I had little motivation to succeed, so after a year and half the college suggested that I stay home. After a lengthy career in manufacturing, I retired and thought about going back to school but was unsure about my skill set. With the help of professionals at UT Martin and TN Tech (and approval and support from my wife) I was able to re-start the process after a 30-year hiatus and boy, am I glad I did. This time it was my money and my motivation and it paid huge dividends. I had fewer “young people” distractions and earned a teaching degree in a field that I enjoy. I started a new career path in 2005 and recently completed a Masters program in my teaching specialty. It never would have happened if I hadn’t asked the right people for an assessment of my credentials. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment that has made my family proud. You can do this too if you set your mind to it.

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