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  • "You can do this too..."
    I first entered college when I was too young, too naïve, and too arrogant. It was my dad’s money and I had little motivation to succeed, so after a year and half the college suggested that I stay home. After a lengthy career in manufacturing, I retired and thought about going back to school but was unsure about my skill set. With the help of professionals at UT Martin and TN Tech... Read Full Testimonial
    Craig Taylor
    Craig Taylor Reconnector
  • "My one and only regret has been that I did not start this sooner."
    I graduated from high school in 1982. College was not something that everyone did at the time. Employers hired people and provided necessary training for that particular job. I did attend and graduate from Medical Secretary College in 1984 and throughout the years have taken a few classes at local community... Read Full Testimonial

    Marilyn Borch-Jensen
    Marilyn Borch-Jensen Reconnector
  • "You are never too old, too pregnant or too far from home to make a new start."
    I have always loved school. My mother said I used to line up teddy bears and teach them before I had siblings. But when I married at age 19, I did not plan on finishing college. I had finished my freshman year at a local community college... Read Full Testimonial

    Teri Anderson Reconnector
  • "Take that first step. It’s the hardest. Everything beyond that is just plain rewarding."
    One of my biggest regrets in life was not completing my education toward a Bachelor’s degree. I did get an Associate’s degree at my local community college right after high school but with no clear direction or interest in any career option, I joined the workforce. Read Full Testimonial

    Joan Schabert
    Joan Schabert Reconnector
  • "Don’t be a chicken…"
    What has going back to get an education meant to me? EMPOWERMENT! Having an education has opened my life up to new possibilities. I feel confident speaking to people and engage in intelligent conversations. Read Full Testimonial

    Carmen Gettings Reconnector
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